When it comes to cleaning your rugs, it is very important to not use any harsh chemicals and hard tap water, this can cause the natural vegetable dyes in your rug to fade and lose it's luster and texture.

‚ÄčThat is why at Oriental Rug Source we only use natural cleaning products which condition and enhance the fibers and colors in in your rugs.

Also when cleaning we use filtered water which softens the rug fibers and restores the natural fullness, making your rug feel soft and full the way it was meant to be. 


If your rug is old, looking tired, and feeling stepped on, then perhaps it's time to take it to the rug spa!

We will put the life back into your rug and it will once again look and feel healthy!

At Oriental Rug Source we will treat your rug with great care and give it the attention it deserves, because rugs can be inherited memories from loved ones as well as long term valuable investments.